Spa Agarosa

Relax your mind and body at Spa Agarosa.

Turn back time at Spa Agarossa, with the blessings of nature. “Agarosa” is derived from the folk song “Agaroza”, named after a poem that wishes the healthy growth of young children on Ishigaki Island. Take advantage of our award-winning treatments and technology, which embrace the energy and fresh scent of the island, with plenty of plants and natural ingredients.


スパ トリートメント

Treatment Menu

Spa Menu

At Spa Agarosa, you will find an extensive menu and experienced therapists.

Please download our menu for more information.

What to bring

  • When using the spa bath, you will need a swimsuit.
  • We recommend removing contact lens before your visit and wearing glasses instead.

Not recommended for

  • Children under 12 years old 
  • Guests who are advised by a doctor not to bathe, exercise or massage.
  • Guests with allergies to sea water, seaweed, plants, or those with sensitive ski
  • Those with an infectious disease, or severe athlete’s foot
  • Guests who are pregnant
  • People who have been drinking alcohol
  • Those who have tattoos
  • Those with poor skin condition.

Please note

  • We recommend you to finish your meal at least 1 hour before treatment
  • Please contact us the day prior (during business hours) if you wish to cancel or change your reservation.
  • The treatment is not for medical treatment but for relaxation.

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