Ishigaki Island Destination Tour

Ishigaki, one of the most celebrated islands in Japan

Escape reality on a romantic sunset cruise and experience spectacular views from the sea and witness the starry night sky of Ishigaki Island
Enjoy the wonders of the colourful underwater world of Ishigaki Island
Take a leisurely stroll around Taketomi Island in a water buffalo cart, or visit the beautiful Yaeyama Islands, and experience the old-fashioned scenery of Okinawa
Ride through the jungle in Ishigaki Island as you dart through the trees on a zip line
Enjoy spectacular view of Ishigaki island from high above the ocean with parasailing. For those with a sense of adventure, parasailing is the ideal way to experience the beauty of Ishigaki.
Ishigaki is known as one of the best places in Japan for stargazing. Surrounded by nature, the gentle breeze and the lapping of the waves, marvel in the twinkling world above you as star and sky experts guide you through the constellations.
Enjoy world class fishing on the blue azure waters of of the Ishigaki Ocean
Opt for a sightseeing bus or private taxi, the perfect combinations created especially for those who want to witness the beautiful Island of Ishigaki
Explore the mangroves of Miyara River by canoe. This beautiful and unique area of Ishigaki has been recognised as one of Japan's national treasures.


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