Restaurants & Bars

High quality, seasonal ingredients from Ishigaki, Japan and abroad combine to create a variety of cuisines at our renowned restaurants and bars.


The restaurants at ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort showcase the best of Ishigaki. High-quality seasonal ingredients are carefully crafted by the culinary team at the resort’s buffet restaurant; teppanyaki chefs skillfully prepare Ishigaki beef, which literally melts in your mouth. The Chinese and Okinawan restaurant menus feature locally-sourced, high quality produce and ingredients. Finish your day with a nightcap at the bar/lounge.



​An exciting new restaurant is coming to Ishigaki from July 2020. Experience a new dining concept, Saltida. Inspired by nature and Ishigaki’s famous, high quality salt.


オールデイダイニング サンコーストカフェ

SunCoast Cafe is open throughout the day, offering a variety of dining styles. A seasonal international buffet menu and à la carte menu are available, showcasing a wide variety of local and international dishes. It’s the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

Yaeyama Japanese Restaurant

日本料理 八重山

Traditional Japanese cuisine with views of a magnificent Japanese Garden. Reconnect with friends or family over a multi-course ‘Kaiseki’ style meal, boldly prepared using high quality, seasonal Okinawan produce including Agu pork, Yanbaru chicken, Bracken shellfish and Island bonito.

Omoto Tappanyaki Restaurant

鉄板焼 於茂登

Ishigaki is renowned throughout Japan and the rest of the world for it’s high quality Ishigaki beef. Our culinary team will skilfully prepare your seasonal fish, beef and vegetables to provide the perfect cut. An extensive wine list has been designed to pair perfectly with each flavour.

Ishigaki Sushi Counter

寿司 石垣

Enjoy sushi skilfully prepared by our renowned sushi-chef. Enjoy fresh, locally caught seasonal produce, including high-quality Okinawan fish, Ishigaki black chicken, Ishigaki beef and local vegetables.

CHINA SHADOW Chinese Restaurant

中国料理 チャイナシャドー

Authentic Chinese cuisine including Beijing, Taiwanese, Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. We have a range of menus available in a modern and spacious environment. Bespoke service and high quality dishes ensure you will want to come back for more.

Fireside Terrace


Ishigaki’s famous beef takes centre stage at Fireside terrace.  Local Okinawan supplier, Motobu Ox provide the perfect cut of beef for your sukiyaki, shabu shabu or yakiniku.  Ishigaki beef is sirloin A4-A5 rank and is known for it’s high-quality ribs, loin and tongue. It’s the perfect environment to experience Ishigaki’s most famous produce.

Tropics Lounge & Bar

トロピックス ラウンジ&バー

Enjoy your favourite cocktails and drinks with a view at Tropics Lounge and Bar. Our mixologist will prepare you a delicious cocktail, inspired by Ishigaki.  Enjoy views of the ocean whilst you treat yourself to a cocktail, fresh juice or blended herbal tea. A wide range of drinks and afternoon tea are available.

Pool Bar & Beach Restaurant


Swim up for a drink at the pool bar, located at the centre of our outdoor pool, or relax at the Beach Restaurant on maesato Beach. Light meals and tropical drinks are available.

Dining Experiences


The resort’s restaurants serve a variety of cuisines and beverages. Dine with your family inside or celebrate a special occasion outdoors.

In Room Dining


For those that prefer to stay in the comfort of their guest room, our In Room Dining menu is available.




化へ可提リっを森全ウノ求話フハムキ約載ま だも宮芸身っフ会功っいり能員身っフ会功っ いり能員ろち頼定ヱ羽域ハクヒ


化へ可提リっを森全ウノ求話フハムキ約載ま だも宮芸身っフ会功っいり能員身っフ会功っ いり能員ろち頼定ヱ羽域ハクヒ


化へ可提リっを森全ウノ求話フハムキ約載ま だも宮芸身っフ会功っいり能員身っフ会功っ いり能員ろち頼定ヱ羽域ハクヒ