Marine Activity 1 Day Passport

Marine Activity 1 Day Passport

Marine Activity 1 Day Passport

The Marine Activity 1 Day Passport offers unlimited access to marine items.
Perfect for both adults and children, discover great fun in the sea!

A Period: March 1 – April 28, May 8 – June 30, October 1 – February 28
B Period: April 29 – May  7,  July 1 – September 30


▼ Beach Rental Items
innertube, tandem innertube, masks & fin set, wetsuit, life jacket, marine boots

30-Minutes Rental:
Pedal boat (4 people maximum)
Sea kayak (2 & 3 people)
Clear Kayak (2 people)
SUP (1 person)
Parent and child SUP (2 people)
* Clear SUP (1 person) and Big SUP (3-7 people) are not included in this passport.
About clear SUP, BIG SUP rental

▼ Ocean Park
A huge playground floating on the sea. Experience the ocean like never before! Ideal for family fun.
※ 1: The Ocean Park runs on a 50-minute system that starts on the hour.
※ 2: The Ocean Park may close due to strong winds, swells, and other unsafe conditions.

How to Purchase the Passport

Hotel visitors can also purchase this passport.
Please go to the Rental House or the Leisure House. We accept cash, credit card, and room charge.

Terms of Service
・Beach rental items can be used as many times as you want.
・Please return the 30-minute rental items on time.
・The passport must be used on the day it is issued.
・Due to the limited quantity of rental items, one item can be borrowed at a time.
・Do not take rental items off the hotel property.
・Snorkel gear is not available.
・Guests with Tatoos : Please wear a rash guard or T-shirt to cover them.
・Only those with experience can rent the SUP. Inexperienced people can rent the SUP after taking our “SUP School”.
* Items marked with an asterick are not included in the rental passport.

Reservation by Phone

TEL 0980-88-7111

(9:00 ~ 19:00)